Supporting COVID-19 Fighting - New Taipei City Goverment Safety Glass Donation


On May 15, Taiwan government has raised the COVID-19 alert to level 3, which is one just level below a full lockdown to battle the record high numbers – 6,800 cases in local COVID-19 infections reported since May 7th, 2021. The toughest level 3 restrictions announced include shutting down entertainment venues, most outdoor activities and asked to avoid unnecessary movement and gatherings.

However, for employees working in essential services, such as waste management, cleaning, and government-owned food wholesale markets, they would continue to travel to workplace as it is essential to keep public sectors operating.

For essential workers with high exposure to COVID-19, SUN MAY is proud to be part of it to ensure workers wear appropriate eye-protection products — safety glass, as eyes must be protected from respiratory droplets that may carry the virus that causes COVID-19*1

Some captured moments when frontline workers wear our safety spectacles against coronavirus:

Workers wear Sun May overspec type safety glass ST-002D in New Taipei City Wholesale Food Market 

New Taipei City public waste collectors wear Sun May safety glass SM-011 and overspec type ST-002D during performance of official duties

Sun May will continue ensuring to distribute adequate supplies of eye protection equipment to frontline workers and help stop the spread of coronavirus together in this intense moment.

*Why is Eye Protection Recommended for COVID-19 by CDC Infectious Diseases Doctor Abby Carlson 2021/4/27

*Sun May Safety Glass Products Releated: ST-002D & SM-011