March 14, 2016

Safety Goggles SM2329, SM2328

SunMay Safety Goggles SM2329
SunMay: Safety Goggles SM2328

Safety Goggles SM2329 and SM2328

Due to demands of our eye-protection products against Coronavirus COVID-19 remain high, please contact us to check current lead time

CE EN166 EN170 EN172 ANSI Z87.1+ Conform to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 / PPE Regulation 2016/425 Certified

Prevent chemical and liquid splash protection

Anti-fog coating

Application recommend for hospital, chemical plants or any foggy working places

The soft PVC frames conform comfortably to faces

SM2329 with 4 indirect ventholes on both bottom and top

Eye protection like Safety Goggles/Glasses are recommend to protect from virus spreading - Sources:



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